Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Play with me! Cruel 2 B Kind

March 2, 2007 is the world premiere of the new, improved Cruel 2 B Kind – the game of benevolent assassination - now, with booty! It’s happening 6 – 7:30 PM on a Friday evening in SOMA, San Francisco, and I really want you to play. And I know YOU really want you to take over SOMA like the nice little ninjas you are, and kill other players (and unsuspecting bystanders) with kindness.

You can sign up now. (You have to register by noon on March 2 to play.) What are you waiting for? Sign up! It’s free, it’s outdoors, it’s crazy, and there might be cupcakes! (Okay, there WILL be cupcakes!) What more could you ask for?

Well, okay, here’s more: I’ll be there live puppet mastering, with a few surprises for keen-eyed players. (So if you spot me wandering the streets and attack me, you might get a little bonus fun…)

With your first essay due March 5, this could be a great game to play to critique for the assignment...

In the meantime, feel free to review the game website and leave comments about the possible connections between this game and our ubiquitous computing readings, our new "finite vs. infinite play texts."


Anonymous said...

at long last!

Jake said...

I hope everyone else had fun at the game on friday. I guess you could say i had somewhat of a unique experience playing the game. To begin with i had written down the boundaries and planned on bringing them down town. Once i got there and didn't have them but i "thought" that it was between 3rd and 5th and north of market... Well you can guess what happened after that. I spent the first 15 minutes or so wandering around assassinating unsuspecting bystander after another. I had a feeling that i was in the wrong boundaries, and once i figured out my mistake the game was well underway. As i approached the actual game site i noticed a group of 4 or 5 people standing on a corner trying to get people as they passed, so began to follow. I stalked the group for a while as they took in more and more people. I had my attack all planned. With map in hand i was ready to approach the whole group under the pretense that i was a tourist asking for directions. But just before i was able to overcome the group i got a phone call and had to leave suddenly. Even though i wasn't able to assassinate anyone, or even be assassinated i still had a ball walking down Market welcoming everyone to beautiful downtown SF. My biggest encounters of the game were the random public bystanders who all had a very unique response to my exuberant hospitality.

Paul Kyle said...

Sorry I could not play! I hope everybody had a great time and I can't wait to hear about everybody's experience in class!