Monday, January 29, 2007

Play Me! The Sweet Cheat Gone

This is our first opportunity to play together in a real, live, ubiquitous game!

It's called The Sweet Cheat Gone, it's free, and it's one night only here in San Francisco.

So mark your calendars now: Saturday February 10, at 7 PM, the game begins with a meetup at Steuart between Market and Mission.

The game is described:

"An investigation of guilt and innocence played out across the streets of San Francisco. You are a prosecutor, a private eye, a witness, collecting evidence, not knowing who tyou can trust, betraying your friends (enemies) to build your case. Pursue a thread of desire that takes you to imaginary crime scenes beneath the skyline."

It's organized by the game group SF0 -- I've played with them before and love them. So I'm really excited about this event!

TO PLAY: You need to register your name, an email, and a password here.

I hope most of us can play -- this will be a great experience and the perfect game to write about for your first essay (due about 3 weeks after the game.)

If you plan to play, leave a comment here so we all know to look for you at the game! (But that doesn't mean we'll trust you. Mu-ha-ha....)


patricknm said...

I fully intend to participate in this. I'm bringing some peeps and we intend to be as ruthless and underhanded as possible!

Jane said...

Ha! That sounds like the right spirit for the game. You'll be be quite the formidable foe.

I don't know if this game will a "winner", or if everybody wins, or how it works... but if there are winners, I hope they're from our class! ^_^

Lizardparty said...

This is Sean and I am coming with a roommate if he is able. We're looking to sacrifice some ethics, if we have any left or had any to begin with.

Jake said...

I'm looking forward to this... It'll be a new experience for me but im stoked to find out in person what these games are all about.

Paul Kyle said...

I'm in ... I wonder if being the countries preeminent Proust scholar will help?

Doc said...

Sounds good, I'm there.

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